Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fat Cat

Friday, January 1, 2010

Top 50 Tracks of 2009

Not that it really means anything about your exhaustive lists! There are dozens of great tracks that didn't make the cut. 2009 was quiet the year for music, it seems.

01. STL - Silent State
02. Floating Points - Love Me Like This (Nonsense Dub)
03. Minilogue - In Smoke We All Become Birds
04. WAX - WAX 20002 B
05. Levon Vincent - Games Dub
06. Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo
07. Moodymann - Freaky MF
08. Omar-S - Blown Valvetrane
09. Black Jazz Consortium - What's Up With The Love?
10. DJ Qu - Party People Clap They Hands
11. Precious System - The Voice From Planet Love
12. Loco Dice - Black Truffles In The Snow (Mike Huckaby Remix)
13. Big Strick - A Walk Down Linwood
14. Marcel Fengler - Twisted Bleach
15. Beat Pharmacy - Piece Of Mind (Ramadanman Remix)
16. DPlay - Tschaka
17. Seth Troxler - Aphrika
18. Kassem Mosse - Untitled A1
19. Ron Trent - Paradise Regained / It's Magic
20. Makam - Deep Loving EP
21. 2562 - Third Wave
22. Anton Zap - Deeper
23. OOFT - This Sound
24. Tensnake - Holding Back My Love
25. T++ - Audio 1995 #8_2
26. Brawther - Endless / Asteroids And Stardust
27. Anton Zap - Captain Storm
28. Nina Kraviz - CPT Time
29. Levon Vincent - Double Jointed Sex Freak
30. Patrice Scott - Excursions
31. Tony Lionni - Found A Place
32. Capracara - King Of The Witches (Rub N Tug Remix)
33. Cabin Fever - Don't You Know
34. Santiago Salazar / Silent Servant - La Minora / La Noche
35. WAX - Dub Shed (STP Remix)
36. DJ Sprinkles - Grand Central (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix)
37. Baby Ford - Make Your Own Sunshine (Minimal Man Remix)
38. A Made Up Sound - Bounce
39. Ben Klock - Goodly Sin (Robert Hood Remix)
40. Wbeeza - He So Crazy
41. Sebo K - Saxtrack (Reboot Remix)
42. Reagenz - Keep Building
43. San Proper - Keep It Raw
44. Baby Ford - Gravy Train
45. Mutant Beat Dance - In A Daze
46. Rainer Trueby - Ayers Rock / To Know You
47. Wolf + Lamb - If You Had (Shaun Reeves Edit)
48. Julien Chaptal - Mamdaye
49. 6th Borough Project - Do It To The Max
50. Burial & Four Tet - Moth

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Time Capsule

Confused locals and tourists
Round table chic in the second carriage
Hatpins, straw boaters, skinny ties
Dancing to swing vocalists
New friends watching you groove at Queens Plaza
Breaking out the ukelele
Whine of the motors reverbrates through carriage like a bad Jennifer Holliday impression
Joyous snatches of 'Stairway' and 'Rubber Ducky'.

"Let's do a duet of When I'm Cleaning Windows!"
"I only know half the notes!"
"That's alright, I only know half the lyrics."

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Notes from Midtown

Slow moving masses of Asian tourists in Herald Square.
George Carlin look-alike pushing a dolly-cart on the 9th floor of Macy's.
Ambulances on Lex & 59th. Stretcher loaded in, crowd of onlookers, horns, traffic.
Policeman leads drunken woman away from Radio City Music Hall.
Mass exodus on the F at 14th Street due to train traffic ahead.
West Indian conductor repeatedly urges passengers to 'please be patient'.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kvetching About: Epictetus

Epictetus once wrote, "Do not seek to have events happen as you want them to, but instead to want them to happen as they do happen, and your life will go well."

OK, so basically, Epictetus wants us all to STFU; not to complain, not to have false hope, not to go against the system. A tough position, so how does he defend it? Well, he goes on a well educated rant about the ideas that humans do not really know themselves...if they THINK they do. They are motivated by fear of death and the unknown, they have no control over their own destinies, and (on that point) they have less control when they believe themselves to have control.

While I see what he is getting at, he is definitely getting ahead of himself. No matter what reasoning you have, divine or otherwise, humans cannot reasonably be expected to have some sort of conscious 'want' for negative circumstances. As for the unconscious want, human instinct is primarily to live and to live well. Perhaps Epictetus is inferring that you need to take the bad with the good, but even unconsciously, the 'want' for negativity goes against basic human instinct. To be negative and to let bad things happen to you can ruin chances for survival. Apathy ruins life.

And who the hell is he to say who I am? He is not some sort of godhead, I am my own man.

And I have to write 1000 words on this...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oh dear

I never seem to remember these things, do I? Exactly why I consciously put it off I don't know.

Back to finishing this godforsaken Endgame essay. Mr. Beckett, I don't care that you are already deceased, I am giving you my death stare.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Heading back down to New York tomorrow. Working on designing new liveries for TOC's* in the UK. Really craving for some vanilla rooibos tea. Yeah, I'm that cool.

CSX, don't screw with me or I will hunt you down and hurt you bad, boy.

*Train operating companies