Thursday, January 31, 2008

Episode 1: Schoolyear In Review

Well, the first semester is officially over. What a semester it was! I'm still cleaning out my bag of all of the papers, but I shall tear myself away to write my opinions on each course. Overall, I am glad of my course choices. There were some issues, however, but overall it was good. 

English was very interesting, but it was hard to instantaneously function at 8:05 in the morning when you have woken up just over 30 minutes previously from another night laying awake as your conscious mind is resting but your sub-conscious is running the mental equivalent of the Boston Marathon every night... I do wish that the class would stop making fun of my mental processes though. Surely, fellow IB people should be able to understand about abstract thinking methods and hypothetical approximations, but no, they just have to tease me about it.

Excuse me, whilst I find something I just dropped.
Ah, found it. Where was I?

Nothing major can be said about Art; a few minor issues regarding a certain student's maturity level were not thoroughly solved, but it sort of petered out and we shall just have to see where it goes in the future. History was throughly interesting, but many students (who shall remain nameless) exuded throughly unacceptable behaviour throughout the semester

Wednesday, January 16, 2008